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Hoof Health and Soundness in the Horse; A Constant Struggle?

Are you struggling with hoof health and foot related soundness in your horse?  If you are, you are not alone!  This area of horse health can be a battle, making positive gains one minute and then falling four steps backwards the next.  When you combine other factors including weather, mud, and other unfavorable contributors into the mix, it can be really frustrating.  No matter what you do, no matter what shoes or other fixtures are applied, your horse always seems to have problems from cracks to flares, thrush, to white line issues.  Are you missing out on something?  Is there a magic trick?

Hoof Health in the Horse
Hoof Health in the Horse

Hoof health in the horse shouldn’t be a battle, but based on my experience in our research and rehabilitation facility, I’ve come to the determination that a few factors are at play in reaching our goals. The majority of horses that I contend with in our facility are lacking severely in hoof health, and that lack of proper hoof health is not just contributing to direct foot problems and lameness, but it is also creating other ‘distant’ issues in that horse from joint to back issues.

In this article, I attempt to tackle the issue of obtaining hoof health and relay our current approaches that appear to not only allow us to reach our goals, often quickly, but the new growth is substantially superior to what I have contended with in the past.

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