Everyone wants to save money, and our Cur-OST customers are no different.  At Nouvelle Research, we completely understand and can directly relate to the ongoing expenses behind taking care of your horse, especially if there is more than one!  Health and lameness problems can quickly mount into costly veterinary expenses.  We want to help you reduce those costs, at least when it comes to effective supplements that can really enhance recovery for your horse.

Your goal is to help your horse and get him on the right track back to full health and soundness.  That is our goal as well, and through our Cur-OST formulas, we are able to use our clinical and research experience to benefit your horse and enhance the road to recovery.  However, we also realize that more often than not, some horses may require more than one Cur-OST formula, or there may be more than one horse that could stand to benefit.  This raises the costs.

Our sole goal is to improve equine health and soundness.  It has been our focus at Nouvelle Research since 2006, and a part of my original veterinary practice which paved the way for the Cur-OST formulas. We are a very small company by choice, and put every ounce of effort into creating very viable options for your horse.  These formulas are not just thrown together, or scribbled on paper, but are thought out, researched over months if not years, applied clinically, and then made available to you as the owner. Each formula is hand blended and packaged as well.  There are no machines in our facility, other than a small hand scale for weighing out packages and ingredients.

One of the biggest problems that we have faced is that in the creation of our equine Cur-OST formulas, that goal of truly making an impact on health and soundness, resulted in some high costs to us as a company and to you as an owner.  Anyone can create a supplement, but to develop one that actually provided research level doses of herbs and nutrients, that truly makes a difference, can be expensive.

It has been difficult over the years to hear from owners about horses that could benefit from the formulas, however, either the owner cannot afford them or cannot continue them for the proper time period due to finances.  As much as we’d like to help each person, it is not possible, because we have a business to operate, expenses involved in rehabbing donated horses, and ongoing research.

Every business has expenses and we are no different.  One major area of expense for a company is advertising, and this advertising can be extremely costly.  The second most expensive cost is inventory, having all ingredients available at all times, shipping in from around the world. Part of the cost of any product made by a company includes these advertising  and inventory costs.

At Nouvelle Research, we are willing to make you an offer, or really a proposal, which hopefully will save you money in the short and long-term.

Here is what we propose.

In the coming weeks, we will be reducing the prices on several of our more popular equine Cur-OST formulas, but these reductions will be short-term sales, offered on a Monday and ended on that same Friday.  However, these sale prices will be strictly limited to a certain amount of our inventory.  Bottom line, we will be offering significant savings on certain equine Cur-OST formulas, with promotion codes to be found ONLY on our Facebook page, but the sales will be limited by available supply of that product.  These promotions will be strictly limited based on inventory.  Once that inventory is depleted, the sale is over and any future product will be made available at normal pricing.  In some cases, if the inventory is depleted by the sale, it may be a week or two before new inventory is available for that one product.  

In order for us to make these offers, we have to reduce our expenses or overhead.  To make this happen, for you our customer, we are cutting back heavily on our advertising in expensive magazines and online media.  So, we will be dependent upon you, as our customers to help us spread the word.  If the Cur-OST formulas have helped your horse, please tell another.  This would greatly help us to keep costs low.

Through these short lived and restricted sales, it will also help us to reduce our inventory, which again helps us to save money, which is then passed on to you as the customer.

So, what do you say?  We do our part in helping to reduce costs and enhance your horse’s health, and you help us by spreading the word??

These promotions will only be advertised through our Cur-OST Facebook page, with promotions noted on Monday mornings.  The promotions will be sporadic and product specific, not to mention very limited in terms of quantity available.   The promotions will not be available for ‘automatic’ refill orders, nor available with any other offers.

Watch our Cur-OST Facebook page on Mondays in the coming weeks.  Sales will be limited in both time and inventory available.

Hopefully, together we can make a difference and help each other.


Thank you for your ongoing support!


Tom Schell, D.V.M., CVCH, CHN

4 comments on “A Letter to our Customers; Helping You to Save Money”

  1. Sharon Weishaar Reply

    Thank you so much! Looking forward to saving money on my favorite Cur-Ost products!

  2. Diane Veltkamp Reply

    Thank you! And I shall continue to spread the word. Everyone I know uses Pure! And now they are out there spreading the word. Lots of vets and PTs know about it on the West Coast, for sure!

  3. Colleen Catallo Reply

    Great idea! I tell every horse owner I know about your products!

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