Equine laminitis is a potentially devastating condition that has plagued horse owners for decades.  Despite the amount of research dollars spent on finding a solution, we have made no significant strides in recovery or management rates.  There have been no new medications developed but many therapies have been explored, with some having merit while others fail.  Through a basic understanding of the principles at work in the horse’s body and a willingness to explore options, solutions are readily available.  

Nouvelle Research, Inc. headed by Dr. Tom Schell, is seeking a small group of laminitic equine patients to explore a set of therapies and assess for impact on recoLaminitis in Horsevery.  

This research trial will be investigating three principles and their impact on recovery of the equine laminitic patient.  These principles include:

  1. Barefoot trim application with proper balancing and restoration of P3 alignment
  2. Dietary intervention to control carbohydrates, reduction of processed food components, provision of whole food nutrients, and a means of intervention to support a healthy hindgut microbiome
  3. Supplementation to alter specific pathways that are activated in the body, including inflammation and oxidative stress, which then directly impact circulation, pain, and tissue health.

This is a clinical assessment research trial and not focused on impact of therapies on specific blood parameters in the typical metabolic horse.  We are targeting clinical improvement, acquired in a relatively short period of time, with hopes of retaining control for the long term with continued application.

In order to qualify for the study, the patients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Located within a hauling distance to our veterinary facility located in Jonesville, NC.
  2. Patient must have ongoing laminitis triggered by feed, pasture, or other events.
  3. Owner must be willing to haul in for re-evaluations and trims every 2 weeks
  4. Owner must be willing to modify the diet as instructed and guided
  5. Owner must be willing to utilize supplements as instructed

The research trial will provide:

  1. Examinations and re-evaluations at no charge
  2. Radiographs and guided foot trims at no charge
  3. Dietary evaluation and recommendations at no charge
  4. Fecal evaluations and cultures at no charge
  5. Supplementation provided at substantial discount
  6. Bloodwork is not provided and is not a part of this research trial

In preliminary research at our facility, application of these 3 points of focus has yielded over a 90% response rate clinically in equine patients with laminitis.

If you are interested in the research trial, please contact Dr. Tom Schell via email at tschelldvm@gmail.com.  Space is limited.

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