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Consultation & Custom Equine Blend


Not sure precisely what your horse requires or needs to benefit their health and soundness? Then you have come to the right place. The Consultation & Custom Equine Blend option allows you to have a direct consultation with Dr. Tom Schell, where he will review your horse’s case, right down to blood work, radiographs, and photos, then make recommendations based on his experience to get your horse headed in the right direction. A custom formula will then be created specifically to target your horse’s needs in the short and long-term. Please note that this cost is for the consultation ONLY and does not include any customized herbal formula. Prices for the custom blends can vary widely based on your horse’s needs. A quote will be given after the consultation for your consideration.

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The Consultation & Custom Equine Blend option is available to all our customers and especially useful if you have a unique or challenging situation. Our standard Cur-OST formulas benefit 80% of all horses, but this leaves 20% which may have deeper underlying problems and require a specialized approach. Through the Consultation & Custom Equine Blend option, you get a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tom Schell where he will review your horse’s current situation, health and lameness ailments, laboratory work, radiographs, and photos. Then, using his years of clinical and rehabilitation experience, he will offer a customized formula to target immediate problems and thus, assisting your horse in the right direction regarding their health and soundness. This approach is then used for the first 2-4 weeks, after which, a follow-up will be planned, and your horse’s situation re-evaluated. At that time, modifications may be made to the customized approach or your horse may continue forward on the same protocol.  Please note ONE consultation per horse.


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