Cur-OST EQ Body & Hoof

Cur-OST EQ Body & Hoof


Boost Muscle Growth, Tendon, Joint and Hoof Health in ONE Formula!

Critical levels of Pea-Protein, Type-I collagen, in a base of whole-food Green Spinach for maximum nutrient provision.  Benefits body condition, hoof health, joint health, muscle growth, and performance in your horse!

A 2-in-one formula, taking the Cur-OST EQ Topline to a new level and combining in the Cur-OST EQ Collamend for added joint, tendon, and hoof support!

Special Order Item!  Allow 5-7 Days for Shipment!

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Pure and highly digestible plant based, organic pea-protein 80% isolate with type I collagen protein, in a base of highly nutritious green spinach to boost protein levels, amino acid levels, and overall nutrient intake to boost your horse’s body condition, hoof health, joint and tendon conditioning and strength.

Proper protein supplementation is critical for muscle, joint, tendon, mental health, performance and recovery in the horse.  Many horses require additional protein due to increased needs due to work or injury, or are not being provided properly in their current diet.  This impacts their health and soundness on many levels.

Cur-OST EQ Body & Hoof provides 48 grams of balanced protein with amino acids, in combination with natural whole-food green spinach to boost nutrient intake for overall health and recovery.  Includes Type-I collagen to boost and support joint, cartilage, and tendon health!

Ideal for any horse requiring additional, high-quality protein to assist with recovery from an injury, rebuilding joint health and body condition, or to assist with improved performance.

  1. What is the difference between the Cur-OST EQ Body & Hoof and the Cur-OST EQ Topline formula for my horse?  While both formulas provide essential protein from organic pea-protein 80% isolate, and amino acids for overall health and soundness support, the EQ Body & Hoof provides a much higher level of natural protein, combining in vital Type I collagen, which is not just a source of amino acids, but helps to promote joint and tendon health directly, as collagen is needed for these structures.  In addition, the EQ Body & Hoof provides essential nutrients needed for your horse’s overall health, sourced from natural green spinach.
  2. How can the Cur-OST EQ Body & Hoof benefit my horse?  Many horses are simply not receiving enough protein in their diet, or the protein they are consuming is not highly digestible.  This impacts their body condition, muscle strength, recovery, tendon and hoof health.  Protein is essential and breaks down to release amino acids which are used in many cellular pathways in your horse to promote healing and health.  The EQ Body & Hoof provides a high level of plant based pea-protein, which is highly digestible, but combines in a high level of essential type-I collagen, which not only adds additional amino acids, but supports joint, hoof, and tendon health directly.  The protein is provided in a heavy base of green spinach powder, which provides a source for many nutrients in their natural form, further boosting health and soundness in your horse.
  3. Does the EQ Body & Hoof replace the Cur-OST EQ Collamend in my horse for joint support?  YES!  The EQ Body & Hoof uses the same type-I collagen in identical doses to provide complete joint support.
  4. Can the Cur-OST EQ Body & Hoof help my horse to gain weight?  Yes!  Protein is needed to boost muscle strength and size, which is reflective in your horse’s body condition.

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  1. Abbey

    Hello i had a question relating to your products, are they FEI approved for showing.

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