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Follow Up Consultation & Custom Equine Blend


Following up with a prior consultation with Dr. Schell? Then this is the right option for you! The Follow Up Consultation & Custom Equine Blend allows you to sign up for a follow up consultation with Dr. Schell, where he will review your horse’s situation and progress, then together with you, determine the next course of action, regarding the customized formula and other options. Please note that this cost is for the follow up consultation ONLY and does not include any customized herbal formula. Prices for the custom blends can vary widely based on your horse’s needs. A quote will be given after the consultation for your consideration.

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The Follow Up Consultation & Custom Equine Blend is the option chosen when a prior initial consultation has been performed with Dr. Schell with a customized supplement formula. During the follow up consultation, Dr. Schell will review your horse’s current situation and progress made, working with you to determine the next best course of action regarding a customized supplement approach.


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