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Self-Custom Equine Blend


Do you know exactly what you desire for your horse in a supplement? Down to the precise dosage of each individual ingredient? The Self-Custom Blend option with Nouvelle Research allows you to create your own formula without a need for a consultation. Contact Us today with your request to get the process started and obtain a quote for cost.

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The Self Custom Equine Blend option puts the control into your hands as your horse’s owner and caretaker. If you know precisely which ingredients you desire, down to the precise dosage, then we are happy to provide you a quote for producing this custom blend. Please see our list of available ingredients for a preview. If you do not see an ingredient that is desired, please contact us for availability and pricing. All you need do to get the process started is Contact Us today, send us your desired recipe of ingredients, and we will be happy to provide you a quote for formula creation. Please allow 48 hours for a response to all requests.


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