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CurOST Curcumin 95% Based Canine and Equine Supplements.  

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Dr. Thomas Schell, (DVM, DABVP, CVCH)
Equine Supplements for health are abundant and often confusing for the customer. Our goal at Nouvelle Research, Inc.  is to develop effective and natural horse supplements and canine supplements that promote health by reducing daily aches and pains, through supporting a healthy immune response and promoting a healthy inflammatory response with key nutrients. Our focus is on Curcumin 95%, Turmeric and other herbal extracts at scientifically supported doses to truly provide benefit to horses and canine companions, especially when combined with other similar herbs. We are here to support, guide and educate our customers through various resources. Through the use of our Cur-OST® health supporting formulas, we have aided many patients by managing daily aches and pain, supporting healing and enhancing overall quality of life.  We have published more than 3 research trials in equine patients evaluating systemic inflammation and the impact of curcumin and other herbs on health and documenting the benefits.  The Cur-OST® formulas became main line therapies for my equine and companion pet patients, but I knew there was more.

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