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Custom Equine Blends

Seeking a more specific herbal blend to assist your horse?  Something that is not on the 'main Cur-OST menu' of supplements?

We can help!

Secondvet Equine Consulting, along with Dr. Tom Schell, offer more specific herbal blends for precise medical and lameness conditions in the horse.  The Secondvet blends are a variety of herbal formulas utilized for patients in rehabilitation settings and in equine consultations.

Not every herbal formula is right for every horse!  Sometimes you do need to target the specific problem to get on the road to recovery.

Custom herbal blends offered include:

  • EQ Gut Blend I, II, and III
  • EQ Tendon Support
  • EQ Back Support
  • EQ Tension Relief formula
  • EQ Yin and Moisture

Check out these targeted formulas today for your horse!

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