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Directly Impact Metabolism and insulin function in Your Horse. Isolated ketone salts, beta-hydroxybutyrate magnesium, to assist with generating natural ketone bodies in the horse.  Benefits all equine metabolic syndrome and PSSM horses by providing an alternate and direct source of fuel and energy for the cell.  Promotes healthy body metabolism, body condition, insulin and glucose function in the horse.

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Phase Four Metabolic Support in the Horse

Equine metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance are complex and create a health crisis in the horse. Cellular dysfunction is prominent due to altered insulin pathways and cells are in need of an alternate source of fuel to re-ignite proper function and energy production.

Ketone generation through the use of fatty acids can be a huge source of cellular revitalization.  Despite using a low carbohydrate diet and supplemental medium-chain triglycerides, some horses still have difficulty generating proper ketones.  The higher the ketone level achieved will generally offset insulin levels as they are negatively correlated. If one level is high, then the other is often low.

Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB directly supplements the horse with ketone salts, which are readily absorbed and utilized by the body for energy and stimulation of other pathways.  Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB utilizes beta-hydroxybutyrate magnesium, which is an isolated and the most prominent ketone body generated within the body.  Ketones can be used by the horse as an alternate fuel source for energy, bypassing dysfunctional insulin and glucose pathways.  Through the use of ketones, cell function can be improved, and often, insulin levels will decrease, which provides huge benefits to the horse with EMS.

Twice daily usage of Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB has been associated with improvements in 2-hour post prandial ketone levels by an average of 0.5-1.0 mmol, taking most reading above a total of 1.5 mmol in the horse.  This is in comparison to some EMS horses only able to achieve levels of 0.2 mmol after a meal.  This boost in ketone levels supports cellular energy, improves insulin function, and glucose regulation.

Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB is also a potent source of magnesium, which can help the horse’s body and mood on many levels.  No need in most cases to supplement additional magnesium.

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  1. What benefits does the Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB offer my horse?  The EMS and PSSM horse often suffer from poor cell function and insulin dysregulation. This leads to poor cell energy production and impacts many pathways.  Ideally, in these situations, it is desirable to provide an alternate fuel source for the cell, in the form of fatty acid metabolism and medium chain trigylcerides.  This is where the Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil is beneficial for many horses.  However, despite use of the EQ Keto Oil and modification to the diet, some horses are just not capable of producing increased levels of ketones, which are beneficial to overall health and insulin function.  The Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB is used in those horses that desire a higher level of support, directly supplying them with ketone bodies that can assist cellular function.
  2. How can I monitor ketone levels in my horse?  Ketone levels are easy to monitor and can be assessed either by using ketone urine sticks or ketone blood meters, both of which can be purchased online.  Ketone blood meters are more reliable as some ketone levels are just too low to feed over into the urine.  It is ideal to get a reading before a meal and again 2-hours post eating to determine how your horse is reacting to sugars and ketones.  The ketone blood meters will generally measure both glucose and ketone bodies in a given blood sample.
  3. What is meant by Phase Four Metabolic Support in the horse?  Each horse requires a different level of therapy or support regarding their health and recovery.  The Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB is the highest level of support and ideally used for those horses requiring assistance in generation of ketone bodies for their health.  These are the horses that fail to respond to the phase one level of support, which is the Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil.  Those horses generally fail to generate a higher ketone level due to impaired cell function and higher insulin levels.  By adding the EQ Keto BHB to the EQ Keto Oil regimen, ketone levels can be raised along with cellular support.  Over time, the EQ Keto BHB can be decreased or dropped from the regimen as cellular health is recovered.
  4. What is the dose and frequency of Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB for my horse? In most cases, EQ Keto BHB is used for those horses that need a boost in ketone levels for various reasons due to severity of condition or impaired ability to generate natural ketone production along side of the EQ Keto Oil.  The daily dose of the EQ Keto BHB is 10-20 grams twice daily.  Most horses will require an initial dose of 20 grams twice daily to boost ketone levels up towards 1.0 mmol/ml post prandial.  As the horse improves in health, often this dose can be reduced to 1 scoop or 10 grams twice daily.  It is important to dose twice daily as ketones are readily used by the body for energy, thus levels only persist for up to 4-6 hours.  In most instances, along side proper diet, EQ Keto Oil supplementation, and exercise, the Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB is not needed for long-term support.
  5. Are there any side effects to the Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB?  In horses receiving the supplement twice daily at full dose for over 60-days, no side effects have been noted.  In some cases, there is light sedation or relaxation in some horses, which can be attributed to the supplemental magnesium found in the formula and also improved cellular pathway function associated with the ketones.
  6. Can the Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB be used alongside of other Cur-OST Formulas?  Yes, it can be used safely along side many of our other Cur-OST formulas, but ideally, if all factors are put into play for your horse, the long-term use of the EQ Keto BHB may not be necessary or indicated.
  7. Does my horse require a magnesium supplement when on the EQ Keto BHB? No. The Cur-OST EQ Keto BHB at the high dose will provide an average of around 1800 mg of magnesium per serving.  Most horses will respond to this dose with no further supplementation required or necessary.


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