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Cur-OST EQ Adapt & Recover


Reduce the Impact of Stress and Anxiety, Produce a Calming Effect, Promote Healing and Support Circulation in Your Horse. Cur-OST EQ Adapt & Recover provides complete support against the damaging effects of stress. Six potent adaptogens in their concentrated forms to boost protection, balance cortisol and adrenal function, promote healthy circulation, tissue healing, cardiac support, and cognitive function in your horse. Ideal for any horse in competition, training, recovering from an illness or injury, or dealing with chronic inflammatory concerns. Help them not only to cope with stress, but to overcome and recover!

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Reduce Anxiety, Calm Your Horse and Boost Overall Recovery From Stress and Injury. Cur-OST EQ Adapt & Recover is a clinically developed formula to help your horse adapt and recover from stress, boost cellular health and support healthy circulation. Six powerful adaptogens that help to balance cortisol levels, balance anxiety responses, promote cellular health, tissue healing, and adrenal function, provide potent antioxidant benefits, promote healthy circulation, and a healthy inflammatory response.

Critical adaptogens in their concentrated form and research doses, including Ashwaghanda 1.5% withanolides, Eleutherococcus 0.8% eleutherosides, Hawthorn Berry, Schisandra, Pomegranate, and Asparagus extracts, all in a natural, organic, whole-fruit base for natural sweetness. No artificial flavors or preservatives!

A balanced blend of adaptogens promoting both Yin and Yang aspects to the body, both cooling and warming properties!  Ideal for supporting overall mind and body in the horse with natural energy production and tissue healing aspects.

Excellent to settle the nerves, focus the mind, and aid the body in natural healing through modification of the stress response in your horse. The perfect addition to any regimen for any horse, whether if competing or recovering from an illness or lameness condition.

Please note that some adaptogens are considered banned substances by the USEF and FEI. Please consult with these organizations regarding current status and withdrawl times if indicated.

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How Does Cur-OST EQ Adapt & Recover Differ from other horse calming and anxiety supplements?

Cur-OST EQ Adapt & Recover takes our very popular EQ Adapt formula to the next level.  Most horse calming and anxiety supplements utilize different forms of magnesium or amino acids to calm the horse, which may or may not be effective. In most cases of anxiety in the horse, the cause is often stress induced, and thus, a different approach is needed.  Cur-OST EQ Adapt & Recover provides 6 key adaptogen herbs in their concentrated forms, which impact the internal stress response in the horse, helping to reduce anxiety, produce a calming effect, balance cortisol, and even impact circulation and cell recovery.

Is the Cur-OST EQ Adapt & Recovery Permitted for Use in Equine Events?

Many adaptogen herbs are considered banned substances and it is recommended that you contact your horse discipline regulatory organization for further guidance.


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