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Thank you for visiting our site and seeking information regarding health promotion.  Our goal is promote health, through high quality, hand blended formulas, but first allow me to introduce you to Nouvelle Research, Inc. as well as myself with some background information as to how we came to be.

  • Nouvelle Veterinary was founded in 2008 as a result of clinical research performed by Dr. Thomas Schell, (DVM, DABVP, CVCH), focusing on the impact of inflammation and oxidative stress on a host of medical conditions affecting the equine athlete..
  • Dr. Tom Schell is a graduate of The Ohio State University as well as being board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Equine Practice. He is also certified by the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapy in Chinese herbal medicine.

Our Mission:

"To advance and promote health, soundess and performance across species lines through the use of research supported nutrients, at the right concentration and combinations to achieve results."

We propose to achieve this by:

  1. Exploring nutrient based research regarding health promotion and advancement
  2. Exploring the use of various nutrient formulas in active patient populations to assess impact on health
  3. Utilizing the highest quality ingredients to achieve results
  4. Provide the highest level of customer service for support, guidance and education

In 2005, I was a private practicing veterinarian working a minimum of 70-80 hours per week and available for 24-hour emergency service.  Bluntly, I was consumed by work and because of lack of time, my diet consisted of whatever was quick, convenient and tasty.  In 2006, my life began to change as I was admitted to the ER with chest pain.  At the time, I was within 5 years of the age which my father had died of a massive cardiac event due to stress and lifestyle, so this created more stress in my mind as I was afraid I might meet the same fate.  My problem, however, was dismissed as stress related and I returned to my normal routine.  Later that year, however, I was diagnosed with cancer.  At the time, I didn't understand why, but after much searching, I surmised that the stress of operating my practice, the hours of work I put in, my fear of following in my father's footsteps and my less than ideal nutrition had contributed to the deterioration of my health. 

Like most people that are faced with a cancer diagnosis, I trusted in my physician to provide the best options. I had surgery to remove the tumor and localized chemotherapy to kill any remaining cells around it, but was left feeling depleted of energy and worse than I had felt before.  Being a Western-minded, or traditional, veterinarian, I   trusted in these therapies, as this is what I was taught to use in our patients.  I had managed hundreds of cases of cancer in animals, but I soon discovered that I was missing the big picture as to the true cause and potential managment for better outcomes. I began to understand that while these therapies were well-intentioned, they were not ideal to regain my health as they were only targeted at the cancer alone.  It also became apparent to me that often we were forgetting that the body, similar to a machine, required various nutrients to keep it functioning, impacting many celluar process. Unfortunately, this was something that I omitted in my prior patient care, but its importance was becoming very apparent.

I began investigating alternative options that perhaps would not only aid my recovery but help me feel better while I was recovering.  My first area of focus began with various medicinal mushrooms with their ability to enhance energy, enhance immune response, provide vital nutrients and even aid in cancer recovery.  When I was introduced to Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, I discovered its remarkable ability to support a healthy inflammatory response and reduce oxidative damage within the body.  Through the extensive research I found, the connection between chronic inflammation and cellular damage with various clinical diseases became obvious.  I devoted much of my time scouring research in search of answers to aid in my own recovery and I began to implement what I was finding into my daily regimen.  My recovery and health became not only restored, but I felt even better than I did before.

The key here with these and many other nutrients, was not to just use them, but to explore various concentrations as dietary supplements, finding the best level for supplementation and assimilation into the body.

Intrigued by the health benefits I was experiencing, I began to implement these therapies into our practice to benefit our patients with conditions that had previously been on traditional therapies with little or no improvement.  What I had been observing up until this time was that patients seemed to continue to show overall health deterioration either due to side effects of those medications or due to the fact that we were treating clinical signs more than the condition itself.  I also noted that it seemed we were seeing more pets with chronic conditions ranging from allergies to metabolic conditions and cancer.  More horses were being seen for performance related injuries and breakdowns, not to mention metabolic and immune oriented conditions. We were using more pain medications in these animals than before and more invasive treatments were being performed with no better results.  Why?  What is the connection and was there a better way to manage them to enhance overall quality of life?  I believe the connection is chronic inflammation and poor cellular function, which is brought on by many contributing factors and poor nutrition,  encouraged by the many processed diets available at low cost.  We also soon realize the stress that some of these animals are under, similar to ourselves, and the impact on health and likewise and increase in nutrient demand, which is often not met appropriately. Research has pointed to these problems for decades, but we have failed to realize it, accept it and manage it.

Through the use of our Cur-OST® health supporting formulas, we have aided many patients by managing daily aches and pain, supporting healing and enhancing overall quality of life.  We have published 3 research trials in equine patients evaluating systemic inflammation and the impact of curcumin and other herbs on health and documenting the benefits.  But I knew there was more to it.

Over time, we realized that our initial approach to merely manage joint inflammation was too narrow and the effects actually expanded into all aspects of health.  Using these formulas, we found that overall health was improved, patients felt better, they moved better and in some cases, the initial disease conditions were more easily managed.  Basically, when we understand that it's about Total Health, then we can see that not only can we promote a healthy inflammatory response, but we can enhance immune response and overall cellular activity through this approach naturally and effectively.  Cur-OST® is not just a dietary supplement, but a lifestyle.  After all, we have a choice for ourselves, our pets and our equine companions.

This is who we are.  This is what we do.  We are Nouvelle Research, Inc.