Cur-OST EQ Total Support

Cur-OST EQ Total Support


Cur-OST EQ Total Support Provides Joint, Tendon, Digestive, Hoof, Allergy, and Whole Body Inflammation Support Targeting the Easy-Keeper Horse. Control Allergies And Target Digestive Health. Targets joint health, tendon recovery, hoof health, skin, eye, respiratory and other allergic conditions in the easy keeper type with underlying gastrointestinal dysfunction.  Our most popular formula for the easy keeper type to balance inflammation!


Cur-OST EQ Total Support Provides Joint, Tendon, Digestion, Hoof, Allergy, and Whole Body Inflammation Support targeting the Easy-Keeper Horse. High levels of Curcumin, Boswellia and antioxidants to manage inflammation & pain, while providing natural sources of vitamins and nutrients in their natural form. Targets allergies, supports digestion and reduces phlegm with Dandelion, Marshmallow and Parsley. All in one formula that also targets conditions associated with poor digestive health including laminitis, COPD, allergies and eye conditions

Many allergy conditions are associated with poor digestive health and leaky gut syndrome, contributing to unhealthy levels of inflammation and poor immune response.

EQ Total Support targets equine allergy conditions associated with high levels of inflammation and pain while enhancing digestion, helping to also improve joints, mobility and tendon health. Ideal horse supplement for equine allergies, joint ailments and tendon conditions that might be associated with poor digestive ability and chronic inflammation.

Does your horse have?

  • Inflammatory problems with metabolic syndrome, insulin dysregulation or Cushing’s syndrome?
  • Allergy symptoms or respiratory conditions with discharge, coughing, redness or itching?
  • Poor hoof or tendon health, with an ‘easy keeper’ body condition, metabolic or digestive issues?
  • Overall metabolic complaints or Cushing’ syndrome?
  • Stomach ulcers or digestive complaints?
  • Behavioral problems that may be attributed to digestive problems?
  • Persistent laminitis problems associated with metabolic conditions?
  • Persistent eye problems?

Cur-OST EQ Total Support Provides:

  • Potent levels of patented BCM-95® Curcumin
  • Manages and controls high levels of inflammation by blocking key enzyme pathways
  • Provides potent antioxidants for cellular health
  • Enhances digestion,metabolism and liver health
  • Natural source of pre-biotic Inulin to support digestion
  • Helps to restore tissue health and cellular function
  • Controls allergy symptoms
  • Supports healthy tendons & hooves
  • Enhances nutrient assimilation from diet

FACT: Many equine health conditions, including allergies and inflammatory problems, are often linked to poor digestive and liver health

SOLUTION: Manage the chronic inflammation that is contributing not only to pain, but also impacting immune function, digestive health and allergies

Manage Inflammation, Itching, Skin Allergies, Coughing And Improve Breathing
Our Cur-OST EQ Total Support equine supplement provides higher levels inflammation and pain reduction plus antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in their natural forms through the use of nutritive herbs and allergy support through enhanced liver and digestive support.

Ideal for higher levels of inflammation associated with many conditions including arthritis, laminitis, navicular syndrome as well as skin and muscle disorders, but pays particular attention to the improvement of skin and respiratory allergies. Digestive disorders such as Ì¢åÛå÷leaky gut syndrome are often the underlying root cause of systemic allergies and inflammation, contributing to a host of health conditions. The EQ Total Support formula addresses inflammation, oxidative stress but also improves gut function through the use of dandelion, marshmallow and parsley. Due to containing high levels of spirulina blue green algae in addition to aiding overall digestion, the EQ Total Support formula is ideal for supporting overall skin, hair and hoof health.

The Cur-OST EQ Total Support formula was originally designed and intended for the management of equine allergies and respiratory conditions, but the benefits are much further reaching! We have found this formula to be very beneficial in torn tendons, ligaments and joint conditions where there may be underlying digestive deficiencies. Multiple benefits have also been seen in cases of Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance with concurrent laminitis.

Cur-OST EQ Total Support formula contains:

Curcumin (BCM-95): Research supported and clinically proven to combat inflammation and pain as well as provide secondary antioxidant support, primarily through down regulation of NF-kB and up regulation of NRF-2. BCM-95 is a patented Curcumin extract containing volatile oils from the Turmeric root to enhance absorption up to 7x that of normal Curcumin.
Boswellia serrata 65%: Research support and clinically proven to reduce inflammation by impacting the 5-LOX pathway, which acts synergistically with Curcumin for enhanced results.
Alfalfa Herb: Source of protein and natural vitamins/minerals
Spirulina Blue Green Algae: Natural source of protein, vitamins/minerals and aids in detoxification
Anise Seed: Aids in improving overall digestion
Vitamin C: Potent antioxidant for cellular health and tissue repair
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols): Potent antioxidant for overall cellular health
CoQ10: Potent antioxidant for energy, cellular health and cardiovascular function
Mushroom blend: Provides immune support and energy production
Dandelion 4:1 Extract: Supports liver function, reduces inflammation, aids digestion through Inulin, reduces phlegm and discharges
Marshmallow: Supports healthy lungs and intestinal health, soothes irritated areas and ulcers, reduces discharges
Parsley: Supports overall digestion and gastrointestinal health

Is Cur-OST safe to administer to pregnant animals?
Cur-OST contains curcumin, which has been show in some research studies to potentially induce premature uterine contractions which could result in early delivery or abortion. At this time we do not recommend its use in animals that might be pregnant.

Why are my hands and buckets stained yellow after use of the products?
Curcumin is a very bright yellow herb and used in the dye industry. Given this, there is a high incidence of staining when utilizing our curcumin based supplements. The staining potential increases as you move up to stronger formulas that contain more curcumin. In most cases, soap and water will clean up the staining, but you may also wear gloves if desired. There are no health implications as a result of the staining or contact with curcumin.

Why are your supplements not in pellets?
Herbs are very delicate and susceptible to heat and moisture. In order to create a pellet or tablet form, heat as well as various binders are needed in the process. The heat can potentially inactivate many of the nutrients found in the herbs and the binders are an unneeded additive to the diet. Powder form is the best form for preservation of nutrients.

How do I know which product is right for my horse?
Please contact Dr. Schell directly with any questions that you might have about our Cur-OST Equine formulas by clicking the ‘Orange’ button at the top of the page. You may also view our equine product article HERE, which may help you in decifering which product is correct.  We are also here to assist you by phone by calling 1-800-476-4702.


7 reviews for Cur-OST EQ Total Support

  1. cb

    Started this product on my horse with COPD, after the first month, I can’t believe the difference!

  2. Unbelievable

    In combination with Immune, I have eliminated the use of allergy shots, as well as aides etc. Not only is my mare feeling and breathing great, she looks incredible! 5 stars for sure, this has saved my mare’s performance career.
    This person has bought this item.

  3. CrazyBlackHorse

    My Equine Metabolic Mare is so much healthier now. Her weight is stabilized, she has more energy, and her hooves improve with each trim. Perhaps the best indicator EQ Total is ideal for EMS/IR horses is the slow disappearance of a very hard and thick crest. The crest is now soft and malleable indicating the fat is breaking down. Well done Cur-OST!

  4. JessiQ

    The EQ Total Support has been instrumental in restoring my horse’s health. For several years we have tried to manage allergies and other respiratory issues and were unable to do so effectively. Once they snowballed out of control, we had a very serious case of respiratory distress and sought help. Despite following the advice of several veterinarians and administering many medications, we were unable to get the issues under control and managed. Through the advice of Dr. Schell and the use of the EQ Total Support combined with the EQ Immune & Repair, we were able to get the respiratory issues controlled, and in less than 30 days I was back to riding a horse who had previously been given zero chance to recover. This program has been a life changer for my horse and I will never be without the Cur-OST products in my barn!

  5. Flitastic

    This product has been a miracle for my 11 year old gelding with pretty severe arthritis issues and allergies. This product has allowed him to compete at the highest levels without needing NSAIDS and prescription breathing supplements like ventipulman. On race days he does get an additional scoop of the PURE>

  6. bobkat

    Long story short, easy keeper mare with cresty neck and fat pads and had mild colic issues in the past. Tested negative for cushings & IR so suspected leaky gut. Started limping on front right so suspected soft tissue issue or founder (based on body condition). xray showed less than 1 degree rotation. Started EQ Total and limping gone in 2 days. It’s been a month and she is totally sound and I’m riding her again. Cresty neck and fad pads are noticeably decreased and breaking down. Eyes are bright and she is willing to work and happy. I’m extremely pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Schell for your products and for your commitment to educating others. Your articles are fascinating and very much appreciated!

  7. Lynell

    He was 6 months into symptoms of high fever with a respiratory rate in the 50’s before I heard about CurOst. It was too late for Hank, my 18yr QH, suspected of having an internal tumor. So I “parked” that first bag of Total for several months, then decided to try it on my 27 yr Appy for his Recurrent Uveitis, Cushings, allergies and mild upper respiratory symptoms. Along with the addition of the Immune formula, within a week his uveitis came under control and,his allergy symptoms subsided. His winter coat lacked the typical curl seen on a Cushings horse and he shed out more quickly that spring.. He enjoyed a virtual bug-free summer. This spring, at 29, Cappy has contracted EPM (clinically diagnosed by 2 vets). I am hopeful he will overcome this latest addition to his challenges. But I have no doubt that the Total/Immune protocol he is on is keeping him as optimum as is possible!

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