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Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon Therapy


Support Hoof Health and Reduce Thrush and White Line Conditions in Your Horse. Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon Therapy is a unique combination of Turmeric Essential Oil and Jojoba Oil for topical application to the hoof, sole, and tendon regions.  Protects the hoof from excessive moisture, supports hoof integrity, and promotes natural anti-microbial properties. Benefits many hoof conditions including thrush, white line and fungal type conditions.  An incredible formula for any barn for daily usage to enhance hoof health and quality!

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Experiencing thin soles and foot pain in your horse?  Ongoing thrush and whiteline disease conditions?  Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon topical therapy may be the solution you are seeking!

Turmeric Essential Oil and Jojoba both have known abilities to promote a healthy inflammatory response within tissues, demonstrate anti-microbial properties, and promote tissue health due to natural essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and E. Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon Therapy helps to promote a healthy inflammatory response, seal out excessive moisture from the hoof, promote hoof integrity, and support healthy bacterial levels within the hoof tissue. Beneficial for many equine hoof conditions including abscesses, thrush, white line conditions, laminitis discomfort, and thin sole discomfort. Use daily for preventative care and after trimming or shoeing to help promote a healthy hoof environment. Also very beneficial for topical application to tendons and ligaments to support a healthy healing response.

What benefits does the Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon Therapy offer my horse?

Foot problems are very common in any horse, including thin soles, thrush, and white line disease conditions.  Most therapies offer little benefit and can be toxic to the normal hoof tissue in the long term.  Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon Therapy utilizes natural essential oils of Turmeric and Jojoba that have proven anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, helping to control infectious conditions naturally and effectively. The Turmeric and Jojoba essential oils also help to promote a healthy inflammatory response, which may improve comfort and lameness.  In addition, the essential oils help to build a barrier of defense against excessive moisture buildup.

How Often Should Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon Therapy Be Applied to My Horse’s Hoof?

In most cases, we recommend once daily application, but it could be increased to twice daily application to the sole and outer hoof wall in more critical cases.  It is recommended to clean out the sole completely of all debris as well as the outer hoof wall prior to application for best results.  In most cases, improvement can be noted after just a few days of consistent application, and it can be applied daily for the long term if needed to encourage overall hoof health and sole strength.

1 review for Cur-OST EQ Sole & Tendon Therapy

  1. Ashley (verified owner)

    I really really like this hoof oil. I have been using it on my founder mare and has done a wonderful job in toughening the sole and helping with hoof growth. I have been using it for almost two months and each time vet takes xrays again, there is more and more growth and sole thickness. I highly recommend this to anyone! The only thing I would like to see change, if possible, would be that the wire on the brush could be stronger as it does start to bend once you get close to being empty.

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