Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost

Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost


Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost Supports healthy circulation and nitric oxide levels naturally!  A vital source of naturally-occurring nitrates from Red Spinach to boost performance, stamina and recovery in many equine conditions!  Benefits any equine condition in need of enhanced circulatory support!


Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost and supports healthy blood circulation and performance.  Supports healthy nitric oxide levels through nitrate rich red spinach extract. Nitric oxide is vital for blood vessel health and circulation. Red spinach extract (Oxystorm®) is a potent source of healthy, nitric oxide boosting nitrates that can help support healthy circulation, vascular health, cardiac health, energy, performance and recovery. Beneficial to support circulation in any equine athlete.  Benefits laminitic conditions, navicular discomfort, tying up, muscle conditions, stocking up, poor hoof growth, and even tendon support patients.
Inflammatory conditions are a major concern in the equine industry and eventually can impact blood circulation, recovery and overall tissue health.  Nitric oxide is a gas produced within the body that encourages normal blood vessel dilation and healthy circulation.  In some cases, nitric oxide production is impaired which impacts normal blood vessel health, blood pressure and circulation.  This can then impair normal tissue health and recovery from exercise, training or injury.  Nitric oxide is normally produced by the body through the amino acid L-Arginine, but in some cases, this cellular pathway is disrupted.  Cur-OST EQ Nourish provides a natural source of nitrates from patented Red Spinach Extract (Oxystorm®), the nitrates are converting in the mouth to nitrites which then encourages nitric oxide production.  This is the ‘alternative pathway’ to nitric oxide production in the body and support of healthy circulation.
Cur-OST EQ Nourish is a great addition to any formula for any horse from the athlete to one requiring additional support in regards to healthy blood circulation and nitric oxide production.

How does the EQ Nitric Boost work?
EQ Nitric Boost supplies a rich, natural source of nitrates, which are quickly broken down by the body and utilized in the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is vital for cardiovascular health and circulation, helping to relax blood vessels and enhance circulation and oxygen flow to tissues.

Is EQ Nitric Boost safe to give with other supplements?
Yes, we have used the EQ Nitric used in a variety of situations and supplement regimens with no apparent interactions.

What situations can benefit from the EQ Nitric Boost?
Any situation in which circulatory impairment may be an underlying issue, including laminitic or foot problems, tying up, stocking up, poor foot growth, tendon support and an overall need for improved performance.


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