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Cur-OST EQ P450 Metabolic


Stabilizes and Promotes Healthy Insulin and Sugar Metabolism in the Horse.  Directly impacts insulin function, cellular health and energy production, and supports healthy digestion and microbiome.  Benefits equine metabolic syndrome, PSSM, and any overweight, pre-metabolic or sluggish horse in need of a boost in cellular health and function.

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Phase Three Metabolic Support in the Horse

Promoting proper and healthy insulin and glucose regulation in the EMS, insulin-resistant, or even every competitive athlete is crucial for overall health.  In the EMS and insulin-resistant horse, proper insulin function is compromised and thus, cellular function is not ideal.  This impacts all facets of health, circulation, performance, and stamina.  It also impacts the inflammatory response, which is tied directly into the process.

Cur-OST EQ P450 Metabolic support targets proper insulin, sugar regulation, and cellular energy by tonifying Qi, Yin, and Yang components for optimal health.  Cur-OST EQ P450 combines Astragalus membranaceus, Wild Yam Extracts, Wild Yam concentrated Diosgenin, Ginger Root, Turmeric Root and Tangerine Peel to target cellular function, insulin and glucose balance, and inflammation on many levels.

Cur-OST EQ P450 promotes proper insulin and glucose balance, moistens and also slightly warms the body, while enhancing natural energy production and supporting digestion.  Impacts the digestive microbiome in the horse positively, promoting health and balance which then impacts the inflammatory response.

Benefits all horses, regardless of EMS or PSSM status!  Benefits joints and soundness through enhancement of natural cellular health.  Perfect if your horse needs an extra edge for energy, health, and soundness.

Long-term usage of Cur-OST EQ P450 may allow for reduction or elimination of other supplements being used to counter the inflammatory response. 

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  1. What are the benefits of Cur-OST EQ P450 Metabolic to my horse?  The EMS, PSSM and many ‘pre-metabolic’ horses have a complex pathway of cellular dysfunction including insulin resistance and improper sugar metabolism. This impacts cellular function on many levels and even soundness to some degrees. Cur-OST P450 blend is just another step to helping to restore cellular balance in the horse with these conditions.  It is not as aggressive on cellular health as the Phase Two Support (EQ Cell Repair), but takes the support to a new level.  The focus of the Cur-OST EQ P450 is not just cellular function, but improving sugar and insulin function, not to mention digestive health.  These benefits are needed for the EMS and PSSM horse, but any horse in need of a cellular lift can benefit tremendously, as many horses have undiagnosed or early stage signs of insulin dysfunction.  This can then impact their health, energy, performance, and even soundness.
  2. What is meant by Phase Three Metabolic support in the horse?  The Cur-OST EQ P450 is part three of four options for support in the EMS and PSSM horse, or any horse that is overweight or pre-metabolic.  It can be used alone or in combination with other options, including Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil or Cur-OST EQ Cell Repair.  The level of support required is dependent upon the needs of the horse and response to therapy.
  3. What is the dose and frequency of the Cur-OST EQ P450 formula?  Most horses are dosed out once daily at 1-full scoop, generally in the evening.  This can be continued for the long term with no noted side effects in our clinical studies.  Long term use continues to support balance within the body and may allow for reduction of other supplements.
  4. What is the difference between Cur-OST EQ P450 and Cur-OST EQ Cell Repair for my horse?  Both formulas benefit cellular health and energy production on a cellular level, which can impact health in the horse on many levels.  The EQ Cell Repair is a more aggressive formula for use in those horses that are really compromised in cellular function and antioxidant protection.  The EQ P450 can assist those horses, but more so targets not just energy production, but also insulin and sugar regulation, not to mention digestive health.  The EQ P450 can be used as a long-term management option in those EMS, IR, PSSM and other horses.  The EQ P450 can be used along side of the EQ Cell Repair with no problems.

1 review for Cur-OST EQ P450 Metabolic

  1. Amy Hoglund

    Can EQ P450 benefit a horse with cushings?

    • Tom Schell

      Hi. Yes, the EQ P450 can be of significant benefit to a horse with PPID.

      Thank you.

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