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Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil


Support and Promote Natural Ketone Production in Your Horse for Improved Energy and  Metabolism. Directly impacts the horse with metabolic problems and insulin dysfunction! Full spectrum blend of medium chain triglycerides from MCT, Coconut, and Flax Seed Oils to promote healthy ketone generation and cellular energy production in the horse.  Increased ketone generation in the body helps to regulate insulin levels naturally and glucose metabolism. Benefits overall metabolism, body condition, energy, skin and hoof conditioning.

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Phase One Metabolic Support for the Horse

Equine metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance results in impaired sugar utilization by cells, which impacts cellular function, ATP or energy production, cellular health, and natural antioxidant production.

If sugar metabolism is impaired due to insulin resistance, then another pathway has to be encouraged to regain cellular health and function.  This alternate pathway is the utilization of fatty acids and ketone generation, which serve as an energy and fuel source for the cells.

Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil is a unique blend of medium chain triglycerides and long chain fatty acids, obtained from pure MCT oil, organic coconut oil, and flax seed oils.  This proprietary blend of oils provides all essential medium chain triglycerides along with a healthy serving of omega-3 fatty acids, which are absorbed and used by the liver to produce ketone bodies.  Ketone bodies are essential for cellular health, as they are used as an alternate fuel source by the cells, impacting all facets of health.

Ketone generation and support can help to regain lost cellular function, especially in cases of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM), and other muscle related conditions in the horse.

As ketones rise in your horse’s body, insulin is naturally impeded, as there is an inverse relationship. Daily usage of medium chain triglycerides assists naturally with insulin and sugar metabolism, helping to restore balance and more healthy levels.

Benefits cellular health, insulin and glucose metabolism, muscle health, skin and hoof health.  Also benefits stress and mental health!  Enhances natural energy and recovery!  Not just for the EMS or PSSM horse.  Every equine athlete benefits additionally due to improved cellular pathways for energy production, which can equate to improved body condition, stamina, and recovery!

For additional cellular support in the EMS, IR, or PSSM horse, use phase two support with Cur-OST EQ Cell Repair ATP & NRF2.

Need more insight?  Read EMS in the Horse and Therapies Explained.

  1. How does Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil benefit my horse with EMS or PSSM?  In both EMS and PSSM, there is a decrease in normal cellular function and carbohydrate utilization.  This impacts cellular health on many levels, as well as recovery and performance.  Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil provides a broad blend of medium chain triglycerides that are absorbed and used by the healthy liver to produce ketone bodies, which are then used as an alternate source of cellular energy in your horse. Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil benefits metabolism, insulin and sugar regulation, cellular energy production, skin health, hoof conditioning, mental well-being, and even digestive health as ketones do positively impact the digestive microbiome.
  2. Is Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil just for the EMS or PSSM horse?  Absolutely not! Any horse can benefit from the specific medium chain triglycerides present in the oil blend.  The medium chain triglycerides improve ketone generation, which enhances energy.  This can benefit any horse regarding body condition, performance, and recovery.
  3. Is the Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil like a ketogenic diet for the horse?  YES!  The concept is very similar and MCT oils are used often as a part of the ketogenic diet in people.  Cur-OST Keto Oil provides the substrates needed for your horse to naturally produce ketone bodies, which then assist in cellular health and energy production.  Ketone body generation also is beneficial for weight management, insulin and glucose regulation in the body.  These oils can benefit many horses to improve ketone generation, but in order to get the full benefit, it is advisable to reduce excess carbohydrate intake through all grains.  Excess carbohydrate intake, especially higher glycemic foods like grains and seeds, can negate all positive effects of ketones and MCT oils.
  4. Will my horse gain weight when on the Cur-OST EQ Keto Oils?  While the Cur-OST EQ Keto Oils are high in fat and calories, most horses do not gain weight during their usage, as noted in people as well.  However, all things considered, EQ Keto Oils are designed to be implemented as part of a healthy diet which also consists of proper exercise.  If these two factors are not provided for, then it is possible for the average sedentary horse to gain weight, which is NOT the goal with any program.
  5. Aren’t saturated fats unhealthy for my horse?  Saturated fats come in all forms and ideally, both omega-6 and 3 fatty acids are consumed in balance. In human research, using MCT oils, there is a noted clinical benefit to weight, insulin and glucose metabolism and cardiovascular health.  The proper saturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids are essential for cellular health.
  6. What does Phase One Metabolic Support mean?  Phase one metabolic support, using the Cur-OST EQ Keto Oils, is designed to be used as a first stage line of therapy for all horses with EMS or PSSM.  This ‘phase one’ therapy is implemented, then additional phases are added based on the horse’s individual needs.  Cur-OST EQ Keto Oil is designed to impact cellular function and energy production, which then impacts other facets of health.  It does not address the common underlying problem of inflammation, which is why other formulas may be needed or required.
  7. What is the general dose of Cur-OST Keto Oil for the horse?  In most cases, 2 ounces twice daily is sufficient and one gallon will last approximately 28 days. In more critical cases, the horse may benefit from 4 ounces twice daily for a short period.
  8. Are there any side effects with Cur-OST Keto Oil?  No side effects have been noted in our clinical studies, but oils as a general class can create digestive upset which may vary from one horse to the other.  The most common side effect noted was loose stools in the horse, which if noted, it is advisable to reduce the daily dosage.
  9. Can’t I just feed coconut oils or coconut meal to my horse?  No, this approach is not the same.  While coconut oil does provide some medium chain triglycerides, the levels and spectrum of coverage is not the same.  Thus, a combination of MCT oils, along with coconut oil and flax oils provide the complete spectrum of both medium and long-chain fatty acids.


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