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60 servings!  Potent prebiotic support through highly digestible fiber from Turmeric Root Biomass and Apple Pectin. Rebuild your horse from the inside out!  Promote a healthy and balanced digestive microbiome, stabilize hindgut pH, promote proper digestion and feed efficiency, and support immune health.  All in one formula!

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Support and Promote Digestive Health in Your Horse on Many Levels! Potent pre-biotic support in highly digestible fiber from Turmeric Root Biomass and Apple Pectin.  Promotes and supports healthy equine hindgut digestion, digestive microbiome balance, stabilizes the hindgut pH, promotes improved feed efficiency, and immune support.  Use daily for continued digestive support and overall health in the horse, which extends beyond the digestive tract.  Excellent for helping to maintain a healthy digestive tract, improve body condition, improve hoof growth and condition, tendon support and overall performance in any horse.

Common Questions:

  1. What benefits does the Cur-OST® EQ Pro-GUT offer my horse?  This formula provides potent prebiotic potential through the use of highly digestible fiber to improve digestion, improve feed efficiency, immune health, and hindgut pH, which all translates into improved digestive capability, improved utilization of nutrients in the feed, improved body and hoof condition, tendon health, immune health and overall performance.
  2. Will Cur-OST EQ Pro-GUT help for ulcers in my horse?  Yes, this formula will help to protect against digestive upset secondary to stress factors by helping to stabilize the gastrointestinal environment and pH.  However, if your horse has an active ulcer, we would recommend initially using the Cur-OST EQ Stomach formula to aid with ulcer healing, then using the Cur-OST EQ Pro-GUT for long term digestive support.
  3. Should I use Cur-OST EQ Pro-GUT in cases of obvious digestive problems and microbiome imbalance including diarrhea, loose stools, gas production and overall poor digestion?  Yes, Cur-OST EQ Pro-GUT can provide benefits in all of those situations, however, in more critical cases, we would recommend using Cur-OST EQ Tri-GUT initially for a couple of weeks, then switching to the Cur-OST EQ Pro-GUT for long-term support in the horse.
  4. Can Cur-OST EQ Pro-GUT improve my horses ability to digest his feed properly so I can reduce supplemental nutrition and feed balancers?  Yes, in many cases where a horse requires added nutritional supplements and feed balancers, often the root problem is poor digestion.  Cur-OST EQ Pro-GUT can help to improve digestion and feed efficiency, which means that over time, your horse may begin to utilize his feed on a higher level, extracting more nutrients, which may equate to a reduced feed bill and lower amounts of added supplements, when being fed a high quality forage with pasture.


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