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Cur-OST EQ Total Body & Joint


Powerful Protection for the Easy-Keeper and Metabolic Horse!

A 5-in-one special order formula, combining the power of the EQ Total Support, EQ Pure, EQ Meta-Support, EQ Tri-GUT, and EQ Cell Repair formulas into one POWERFUL formula!

Benefit and promote healthy inflammation, digestion, microbiome balance, metabolism and cellular support in your horse with ONE formula!  Helps to enhance results in your horse, while reducing costs!

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Custom Blended 5-in-one formula used in rehabilitation programs to assist the easy-keeper and metabolic horse to a new level!

Combines the power of the original Cur-OST EQ Total Support, Cur-OST EQ Pure, Cur-OST EQ Meta-Support, Cur-OST EQ Cell Repair, and the Cur-OST EQ Tri-GUT to benefit and support healthy inflammation, joint health, digestion, and proper metabolism in the easy-keeper and metabolic prone horse.

Many metabolic horse owners have used several formulas to assist their horse, but now, those same benefits are found in one formula!  Enhanced levels of Curcumin for joint and inflammation support, added Triphala herbal extract to boost and support digestion, and high levels of natural blueberry extract to further enhance metabolism!  Added Astaxanthin 1.5% extract to support overall cellular health, metabolism, and modify oxidative stress.  All in the original base of the Cur-OST EQ Total Support.

Custom Blended, Special Order Item for Your Horse!  

  1. How does the Cur-OST EQ Total Body & Joint Benefit My Horse?  Our original EQ Total Support has always been the base formula for the easy keeper and metabolic horse to support and promote healthy metabolism, inflammation, and digestive health, but many of these metabolic horses have required a higher level of care to improve their health.  The EQ Total Body & Joint is a special order blend used in our research facility to enhance overall support in these horses, reducing the need for added supplements, making this a 5-in-one formula.  The EQ Total Body & Joint takes the most active ingredients from 5-highly used formulas in the metabolic horse, and combines them to make one potent formula. This special order blend offers a higher level of joint soreness support due to increased curcumin levels, digestive support with added Triphala extract, improved metabolism support with added Blueberry extract, and a new level of cellular support with added Astaxanthin 1.5% extract.
  2. Can using the new Cur-OST EQ Total Body & Joint eliminate the need for other Cur-OST formulas in my horse?  YES!  This new EQ Total Body & Joint is a 5-in-one formula, which will almost eliminate any increased need for the EQ Pure, EQ Tri-GUT, EQ Total Support, EQ Meta-Support, and the EQ Cell Repair.  It is a 5-in-one formula!  Total protection and support on a whole new level for your horse!


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