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Cur-OST EQ Cool Down


Reduce the Effects of Heat and Anhidrosis in Your Horse! Cur-OST EQ Cool Down is a unique formula that promotes an overall cooling effect to the equine body while also providing a potent base of rejuvenating properties, antioxidants, natural nutrients and electrolytes, natural prebiotics for digestion, and numerous phytochemicals to support overall health and recovery. Cooling Artichoke, Blueberry, and Aloe extracts to help cool the over-heated body, promote recovery and cellular health. Beneficial for any horse that tends to run a little hot but may also benefit those horses with EIPH and Anhidrosis conditions.

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Does your horse experience a lack of sweating?  Overheating or general anxiety when it comes to higher temperatures and excessive work?  Cool them down internally and support their recovery and overall health!

Cur-OST EQ Cool Down is a unique blend of cooling herbs with tremendous antioxidant and nutritive potential to aid the horse that tends to run a little hot. Concentrated Artichoke, Blueberry, and Aloe extract help to cool down the body and support recovery and cellular health. Packed full of natural antioxidants, natural nutrients and electrolytes, natural prebiotics for digestive health, and natural phytochemicals to boost cellular health and recovery. Beneficial to any horse, but especially those that tend to run more hot, sweat often, or experience EIPH or Anhidrosis conditions.

Supports digestion and a healthy digestive microbiome in the horse due to natural fiber and pre-biotic potential present within the Artichoke, Blueberry, and Aloe extracts!

How Does Cur-OST EQ Cool Down Benefit My Horse?

Cur-OST EQ Cool Down works specifically to help cool down your horse from the inside out, utilizing key herbs with natural cooling properties to help reduce excess ‘heat’ accumulation in your horse’s body.  In addition, the herbs provide potent prebiotic benefits to support a healthy digestive tract in the horse, provide electrolytes and nutrient support, and promote a healthy inflammatory response.

What Horse Conditions Respond or Benefit from Cur-OST EQ Cool Down?

Specific conditions including anhidrosis or a lack of sweating in the horse can benefit tremendously.  Due to the natural cooling properties of the herbs, Cur-OST EQ Cool Down can also benefit any ‘hot’ natured or tempered horse with excessive sweating, lack of tolerance of hot climates, or generally lacks in overall stamina or recovery due to internal or external environmental heat.

1 review for Cur-OST EQ Cool Down

  1. Abbey Gulbransen (verified owner)

    This is a great product, used for my young horse who always over heated himself. Had great results, within less than a week.

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