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Protein; Intake & Considerations in the Horse

How much protein does your horse need?  Questions about protein and overall nutrition are very common.  There are many things to consider in the horse’s diet, mainly being macro- and micro- nutrient provisions, which include proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Protein is essential for the body in a variety of ways, from building muscle mass to regulation of metabolic function.  How much protein is needed is dependent on each horse and the demands present.  Exact recommendations are hard to make, generally speaking, but in most cases, we have to look at each individual horse, demands, existing health problems and dietary sources. (more…)

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L-Arginine: The Missing Ingredient for Performance and Immune Enhancement

Is it possible to enhance blood circulation, cardiac function, pump up the immune response and aid in muscle development with one ingredient?  L-arginine may just prove to be that one nutrient that is lacking from so many diets, impacting the health of people, pets and horses.  Whether if you are an Olympic athlete or just one seeking health solutions, L-arginine supplementation may prove to be of significant benefit on many levels.  Let’s take a look at the basics and what clinical research has to show.

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