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Adaptogens; Rebuilding and Calming the Horse

Adaptogens are powerful in their ability to impact the health of the horse, and the term ‘adaptogen’ has become rather familiar for many owners.  In today’s horse world, anxiety runs very deep, contributing heavily to ulcers, irritable bowel conditions, performance issues, a lack of focus, and many other problems.  For many owners, they are seeking that one solution, that one fix, that will remedy all of their horse’s problems, and while this is possible in a few cases, for most the solution comes with a better understanding.  As with all things, if you’d like to properly implement something and gain results, it is best served to take the time to better comprehend the problem and possible solutions. (more…)

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Medicinal Mushrooms and the Horse; A Powerhouse of Benefits

The horse’s immune response is a very important factor to their overall health and well-being, not to mention soundness.  All too often, as owners and even veterinarians, we often overlook this key element to their health, and only see a problem in the immune response when a health ailment is present. The fact is that the equine immune response is deeply woven into the fabric of their health.  Proper support of the horse’s immune response is vital each and every day, but there are different approaches each with their own pluses or minuses.  Medicinal mushrooms are one key supplement that many have relied on for centuries for various reasons, with time proven ability to enhance, stabilize, and keep the immune response at optimal working levels.  Let’s take a deeper look at what these mushrooms have to offer. (more…)

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Calming the Anxious Horse and Reducing Anxiety; How and Why It Is Important

The horse is just as prone to anxiety as we are, believe it or not.  Anxiety in the horse impacts their performance and ability to pay attention, but it also can dramatically impair their health.  The anxiety problem in the horse industry is becoming a big problem. Many horse owners are just seeking a calming supplement for their horse and some even resort to sedatives or tranquilizers.  Although some of these remedies can help, most are not getting to the root of the problem. Until you get to the main issue at hand, the anxiety and impacted performance may always be an issue of concern.


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