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What? No Grain for My Horse?

When you think of a horse, you almost instantly think of grain.  The two are intertwined and deeply related in our thought patterns, having for decades seen horses fed grain of some sorts.  It has become the status quo, a set tradition for most horse owners, and they are marketed to by all sorts of feed companies, telling you why you should feed their grain.  Given this, and the peer pressure from the standards of others, you simply feed a grain to your horse, often with no thought at all.  But, why do you feed that grain?  Does your horse really need it?  Or could it be creating problems or even resistance to true healing in health and soundness for your horse? (more…)

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The Metabolic Horse; Going Ketogenic and Cellular Health Part Three

Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and the horse.  An ever present problem, contributing to a high percentage of laminitis cases, which are often seasonally related.  In the past 2 articles, I have defined the problem of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, as well as raised the questions as to whether or not some ‘clinically normal’ horses may be more susceptible that originally believed.  In this article, part 3 of 4, I will discuss newer therapy options, including the ketogenic diet, with specific goals that show promise in the horse impacted by metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and laminitis. (more…)

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Is My Horse’s Grain Creating Health Problems?

Grain.  They are a staple in the horse community.  Processed or commercially available grain products are the most popular and there seems to be a grain blend for almost any health or performance issue. Considering the popularity of these commercial grains and the concurrent rise in health problems in horses, you have to ask whether if you are truly doing good…or are you maybe doing harm? (more…)

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