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Cordyceps sinensis; Rebuilding & Enhancing the Horse

Lack of energy, breathing problems, poor recovery and stamina, and impaired healing are all symptoms that often plague the equine athlete. Cordyceps sinensis is a long time, well-revered and cherished herb for overall health and vitality.  It is viewed as being a re-builder of health on many levels, supporting energy and recovery in humans.  Considering that the horse is not much different than us, enduring much wear and tear, not to mention ongoing stress upon their system, Cordyceps sinensis could be an extremely beneficial herb that could dramatically impact the horse’s overall recovery, vitality, and even longevity.  Let’s take a look at what Cordyceps could potentially offer your horse. (more…)

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Ama, Dampness, and Equine Digestive Health

Digestive health in the horse is a growing concern over the past couple of decades, being readily evident in the high usage of ulcer medications, ulcer supplements, high rates of colic, allergies, skin issues, and metabolic problems.  Depending upon how you look at the problem and what you ‘see’ as the main issue of concern, this dictates your approach, which then creates the result, be it positive or negative. Digestive health is not that complicated in the horse, but creating better results does require taking a different perspective and a certain level of understanding.  Let’s dive into the concepts of dampness and ama from an alternative medicine perspective on digestive health in the horse. (more…)

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Introduction to Herbs and Foods in the Horse; An Online Course

Introduction to Herbs and Foods in the Horse An Online Course for Better Understanding for Ultimate Success in Equine Health and Soundness Do you struggle with resolving a health or soundness issue in your horse? Has your horse’s condition been ongoing for months or even years with no resolution despite appropriate medical therapy? Does it […]

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