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chronic disease


Disease; Cause or Effect, Acquired or Created

Happiness and an end to suffering.  That is the goal for almost all of mankind.  We want it, crave it and desire it on many levels.  Disease occurs on many levels and impacts all of us either directly or indirectly.  The perception of that disease, whether if it affects us our pets or our horses, can vary from person to person.  One may say it is acquired or there is a genetic predisposition to that condition.  On the other side of the coin, another person may say the disease is a reflection of our environment, diet and other factors…essentially implying we created it.  It is all relative, in my opinion, but one thing is for certain and that is that with a complete understanding of what is occurring, we stand a better chance of prevention as well as management.

Inflammation and Impact on Health; Beyond Pain and Swelling

When we think of inflammation, it is often in the form of pain and swelling.  Joint pain, stiffness, a wound or cut, sore back, sore throat or even an ear infection.  All of this is true and these conditions are associated with inflammation, but the overall concept goes much deeper, often being unrecognized clinically but all too closely tied with other health conditions.  It is an important concept to grasp, even on the most basic level, as with this understanding, we have opportunities to intervene which may give us more opportunities to manage and even prevent certain conditions.