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Topline and Cold Back Problems in the Horse

Topline and cold back problems are common in the equine industry.  In many cases, the problem is more cosmetic in the horse, i.e., loss of muscle tone to the topline or lumbar region.  While in others, the problems extend into performance related issues, such as overt pain or failure to fully perform or stretch out. Although there are no specific remedies to these issues, some approaches have proven more valuable at least in our experience with rehabilitation patients.   (more…)

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Inflammation and Impact on Health; Beyond Pain and Swelling

When we think of inflammation in the horse, it is often in the form of pain and swelling.  Joint pain, stiffness, a wound or cut, sore back, sore throat, or even a skin infection.  All of this is true and these conditions are associated with inflammation, but the overall concept goes much deeper, often being unrecognized clinically but all too closely tied with other health conditions.  In the horse, chronic inflammation is linked back to lameness conditions with the tendons, joints and poor hoof health. It is also involved in metabolic conditions, including insulin resistance, allergies and uveitis. It is an important concept to grasp, even on the most basic level, as with this understanding, we have opportunities to intervene which may give us more opportunities to manage and even prevent certain conditions. (more…)

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Joint Techno

Inflammation & Health

When you hear the word “inflammation”, the most common image is one of redness, swelling and pain.  Maybe a sprained ankle, tendon or even a blister.  While this is true for one form when view externally, it doesn’t always hold true.  Pain is a common association with inflammation, but doesn’t always have to be present for the inflammatory process to impact health on many levels.  Sometimes, it is like a smoldering fire, out of normal view, contributing to many health conditions in people, pets and horses.

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Cushing’s Disease in the Horse (PPID)

Cushing’s disease in the horse is becoming a more popular diagnosis, creating confusion with many horse owners.  Cushing’s disease or Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) is most commonly diagnosed in the aged horse, but is increasingly become more common in perceived younger horses with concurrent usage of medications to control the condition.  The impact of Cushing’s disease in the equine community is large, with more cases being diagnosed as the lifespan of the horse increases, and can create many management frustrations for the horse owner.  The syndrome is very complex, leaving many unanswered questions but many roads for possible exploration to enhance quality of life for these patients.

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Curcumin. The Power House of Health Protection for People and Animals

Curcumin, the “Indian Solid Gold” is one of the most cherished spices in the world.  Health is something we all take for granted, but did you know that Curcumin taken daily can bring about dramatic health changes for the positive?  Whether if you suffer from chronic joint pain, lower back pain or overall stiffness, benefits can be seen.  In horses, we battle with joint deterioration, back complaints and overall unsoundness, chasing these conditions with expensive remedies combating something that could be better managed from another standpoint.  Even in horses, dramatic changes can be evident, often creating confusion as to how something so simple can have such far reaching effects.  Pets are no different, suffering from the same clinical maladies that affect humans.  They too can benefit immensely, restoring healthy, vitality and a quest for life.  So, why is this herb so wonderful?

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It’s About the Whole Horse

In today’s equine world, there is so much focus on joint health and conditioning, that we tend to forget about the bigger picture.  As a veterinarian, I see so much over use, almost bordering on abuse, of various pharmaceutical medications and equine joint supplements.  So many people use them, that at times, I wonder if we are actually trying to manage a condition or more so if the increased use is more to follow what another is doing, almost making it a trend without purpose.  Now, I will be honest and say that many of these equine supplements and medications can prove useful in certain situations, but overall, I feel they are being overused at times, trying to accomplish things they were never intended to do.

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