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It’s About the Whole Horse

In today’s equine world, there is so much focus on joint health and conditioning, that we tend to forget about the bigger picture.  As a veterinarian, I see so much over use, almost bordering on abuse, of various pharmaceutical medications and equine joint supplements.  So many people use them, that at times, I wonder if we are actually trying to manage a condition or more so if the increased use is more to follow what another is doing, almost making it a trend without purpose.  Now, I will be honest and say that many of these equine supplements and medications can prove useful in certain situations, but overall, I feel they are being overused at times, trying to accomplish things they were never intended to do.

How SA Pure Works

How SA Pure Works

Our Cur-OST® Pure SA formula combats critical levels of pain and inflammation while providing high levels of antioxidant support to aid in the management of several conditions affecting your pet.  The only pet joint supplement on the market using potent levels of patented curcumin to combat high levels of chronic inflammation in a low dose formula.