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What’s the Cost of Joint Injections in the Horse?

Joint injections in the horse, likely the most commonly performed procedure in the horse with osteoarthritis, navicular ailments, or other lameness condition.  The second most common procedure, likely, is endoscopy for gastric ulcers.  How much does a joint injection cost in the horse?  Not just financially, but what do they cost your horse regarding future …

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How Can I Reduce My Horse’s Supplement Costs?

This is likely one of the most common questions on most horse owner’s minds.  How can I reduce costs, but yet still maintain the level of health or soundness in my equine companion?  It is a good question, but unfortunately one that is easier to answer in some horses compared to others.  The bottom line is that there are options, but in many cases, we have to define what the problems are and target the sources.  It is possible and likely more readily achieved than most realize.