Curcumin. The Power House of Health Protection for People and Animals

Curcumin, the “Indian Solid Gold” is one of the most cherished spices in the world.  Health is something we all take for granted, but did you know that Curcumin taken daily can bring about dramatic health changes for the positive?  Whether if you suffer from chronic joint pain, lower back pain or overall stiffness, benefits can be seen.  In horses, we battle with joint deterioration, back complaints and overall unsoundness, chasing these conditions with expensive remedies combating something that could be better managed from another standpoint.  Even in horses, dramatic changes can be evident, often creating confusion as to how something so simple can have such far reaching effects.  Pets are no different, suffering from the same clinical maladies that affect humans.  They too can benefit immensely, restoring healthy, vitality and a quest for life.  So, why is this herb so wonderful?