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Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance in the Horse; New Therapy Options

Equine metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance is an ongoing epidemic in current times.  Although the case load is very high, as is the morbidity rate, options for better management are not keeping up with nor offering improved outcomes for the horse.  Laminitis and chronic foot ailments are often associated with EMS and insulin resistance, which adds to the pain and suffering associated with the metabolic condition in the horse.  The laminitic condition is one common reason for euthanasia in the horse, many times associated with equine metabolic syndrome.  In prior articles, I have outlined the problem on many levels, correlating with our research findings.  In this final part 4 of the article series, I plan to outline specific therapy options that we are implementing in our equine patients with very high levels of success. (more…)

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A Deeper Look at Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Metabolic syndrome is a term applied to a collective group of risk factors that raise the risk of other health conditions, regardless of being a horse or human.  In humans, we see a rise in the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, vascular disorders, neurodegenerative conditions and many others.  In the horse, we generally see an increased risk for insulin resistance, Cushing’s disease, and laminitis. The term ‘metabolic’ actually implies an alteration in cellular metabolism or biochemical processes, but is often quickly associated with a state of increased body weight or obesity.  Equine metabolic syndrome is actually very complex, involving many pathways. The higher your level of understanding the easier the condition is to manage.  (more…)

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