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Cordyceps sinensis; Rebuilding & Enhancing the Horse

Lack of energy, breathing problems, poor recovery and stamina, and impaired healing are all symptoms that often plague the equine athlete. Cordyceps sinensis is a long time, well-revered and cherished herb for overall health and vitality.  It is viewed as being a re-builder of health on many levels, supporting energy and recovery in humans.  Considering …

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Ketones; Going Beyond the Average Metabolic Horse

Ketosis, the ketogenic diet, and exogenous ketones have become quite popular terms in human research and medicine, with significant impacts on health.  However, one has to raise the question as to how these ketones are working, how they are benefiting health, and can they be of use in the horse? Well, despite many ‘critics’ giving …

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Medicinal Mushrooms and the Horse; A Powerhouse of Benefits

The horse’s immune response is a very important factor to their overall health and well-being, not to mention soundness.  All too often, as owners and even veterinarians, we often overlook this key element to their health, and only see a problem in the immune response when a health ailment is present. The fact is that …

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Fueling and Repairing the Horse Cells; Cur-OST EQ Cell Repair

In order to compete, run, jump, recover from an injury, muscle stiffness, PSSSM, or even battle the effects of metabolic syndrome, a horse is completely reliant upon their cells.  Now, this may be obvious, as all tissues are composed of different cell types, but for most, the negative events you are encountering in your horse …

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Equine Performance & Stamina; Achieving Optimal Results

The performance of an equine athlete is vitally important whether if we are talking Dressage, Jumping, Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing or on track TB or QH racing. One of the biggest determinants of performance is stamina.  Without stamina, almost always, performance is reduced on various levels.  So, what determines one or the other? What dictates performance in that equine athlete and considering that stamina is involved, what options do we have to improve the outcome?

Nutrition Implications: Fact or Myth

As a veterinarian, I have to confess that after almost 20 years of clinical practice, I failed many of my patients due to lack of knowledge about proper nutrition. Being a student in veterinary school, honestly, there was not much focus on nutrition.  In some courses, there was mention of various nutrients, but not much pressure to use the diet as a tool to aid in disease management and recovery.  The good news is that after all of those years, I did ‘wake up’ and realize the importance and today, my approaches are much different for myself, our pets and those horses that I have contact with on a daily basis.   It wasn’t always this way and I discover more each day, which can be exciting!

The Many Health Benefits of Spirulina

How many food sources do you know that provide the ability to rejuvenate the body, enhance energy levels, support tissue healing and repair, detoxify, support the immune response and potentially ward off dangerous cancer all in ONE?  Spirulina blue green algae has been termed one of the many wonder foods of the world and has been used traditionally in many medicinal cultures to aid in the recovery of the ill and support overall health.  It could be considered potentially the only food you could possibly ever need!

Impact of Exercise on Health

Looking to enhance performane and recovery, while reducing the incidence of injury?  It is possible, but one has to understand what processes are at work and how to intervene. Exercise is something that we are all told to increase in our daily lives, but unfortunately, many equate this to a 45 minute, hard core workout performed in a gym on a daily basis.  Although this is true, it is not true in all situations.  Exercise can be walking, working in the yard, working in the barn, doing house chores…the list goes on.  In terms of horses, exercise can be a long turn out with running in the pasture, routine daily training as well as a hard run at a jumper course.  It is good for us and them, as it improves cellular function and oxygen metabolism, but also helps to strengthen muscle, improve circulation, burn calories and just improve overall health. But there is a bad side…