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Impact of Exercise on Health

Looking to enhance performane and recovery, while reducing the incidence of injury?  It is possible, but one has to understand what processes are at work and how to intervene. Exercise is something that we are all told to increase in our daily lives, but unfortunately, many equate this to a 45 minute, hard core workout performed in a gym on a daily basis.  Although this is true, it is not true in all situations.  Exercise can be walking, working in the yard, working in the barn, doing house chores…the list goes on.  In terms of horses, exercise can be a long turn out with running in the pasture, routine daily training as well as a hard run at a jumper course.  It is good for us and them, as it improves cellular function and oxygen metabolism, but also helps to strengthen muscle, improve circulation, burn calories and just improve overall health. But there is a bad side…

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