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Digestive Support in the Horse; Cur-OST EQ Tri-GUT versus EQ Pro-GUT

Digestive support is one of the key and most critical aspects to aiding a horse with almost any condition. The main problem can be obvious, such as gas, loose stools, colitis, or a colic history.  However, in many horses, the gut is a silent player in the ongoing inflammatory problems contributing to joint issues, back problems, irritability, poor performance, tendon issues and yes, hoof problems.  As owners, we spend a small fortune on nutritional supplements, but forget that in order to utilize those nutrients, your horse’s gut or digestive tract must be working properly.  Here are two key Cur-OST® formulas that I utilize in patients and in our own rehabilitation facility to help those horses achieve their highest level of success in health and soundness. (more…)

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