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Joint Therapies. Compliance and Effectiveness

Osteoarthritis is a disease affecting all species and can affect almost any joint in the body.  The condition affects up to 70% of the humans, upwards of 60% of pets dependent on breed and approximately 70% of horses dependent on age and use.  It is a debilitating problem, causing not only pain and discomfort, but decreased range of motion, loss of use and decreased quality of life, not to mention decreased performance for the athlete.  The question comes as to how to best manage this condition with our eyes set on prevention.

Common Eye Conditions in the Horse

Eye conditions in the horse are extremely common, unfortunately, with many of them being traumatic in origin.  The majority of equine eye or opthalmic conditions are considered emergencies not only due to potential loss of eye sight, but also due to potential secondary complications.  Let’s review the most common conditions affecting the horse as well as some not so common situations, as well as discuss treatment options.