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The Overweight Horse, Digestive Health, and Ongoing Lameness

What’s your horse’s body condition?  Is your horse overweight?  Comfortably round? Does he have a bloated hay belly? Are there other health issues that you are contending with in your horse?  Possibly allergies?  Metabolic conditions? Poor hoof health?  Joint lameness? Tendon or ligament injuries?  How about his digestive health?  Any problems with gas, loose stools, …

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Why Is My Horse Fat?

Why is my horse fat?  That’s a good question and one that I was asked routinely during annual preventative wellness checks on my patients.  It is also a question that I get asked in emails all too frequently.  I think it is a good question and for those that ask the question, it is a sign that they recognize that a problem exists, thus opening door for correction.  An overweight horse is not a sign of good health and over time, can lead to significant health problems and increased morbidity, not to mention mortality for some.  Seeing that the problem is present is the first step, but taking the following steps to conquer the issue at hand means that we must understand some basic concepts.  

Fats; Intake & Considerations in the Horse

When we think of fats in the horse’s diet, the first few things that come to mind are to improve the shine in a hair coat or to put weight on a horse in need. Although these are both true, there is much more to fats that what meets the eye and thus, a better understanding is needed.  Fats are valuable sources of energy and calories, but there are potentials downfalls as they impact health on many levels, and not every horse is in need.