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Rebalancing Digestion in the Horse

Digestive health in the horse is extremely important and is tightly connected with almost every medical and lameness condition that you can imagine.  The importance of proper digestion goes way beyond the typical association with gastric ulcers, colic, diarrhea, or irritable bowel conditions in the horse.  In many cases, if digestion is addressed properly, not only do the horses improve but their long-term health and soundness is greatly enhanced.  In the first article, I discussed the concept of dampness and digestion in the horse, determining if this problem was present, and steps to intervene for best results. In this second part, I’d like to take a look at specific herbs and foods which can create benefit or potentially more harm, depending upon how they are applied in the horse. (more…)

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Digestive Support in the Horse; Cur-OST EQ Tri-GUT versus EQ Pro-GUT

Digestive support is one of the key and most critical aspects to aiding a horse with almost any condition. The main problem can be obvious, such as gas, loose stools, colitis, or a colic history.  However, in many horses, the gut is a silent player in the ongoing inflammatory problems contributing to joint issues, back problems, irritability, poor performance, tendon issues and yes, hoof problems.  As owners, we spend a small fortune on nutritional supplements, but forget that in order to utilize those nutrients, your horse’s gut or digestive tract must be working properly.  Here are two key Cur-OST® formulas that I utilize in patients and in our own rehabilitation facility to help those horses achieve their highest level of success in health and soundness. (more…)

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Gas, bloating and GI upset in Dogs

Gas, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting and gastrointestinal upset in dogs is a problem.  Our canine companions are no different than you or I.  We all have a gastrointestinal tract that sometimes can get out of whack, not functioning at desired levels, resulting in problems at times.  It can be difficult to contend with, especially in the middle of the night or if your pet is left unattended while you work, coming home to a mess.  Why does this happen and is there something we can do or not do to improve the situation? (more…)

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