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The Equine Gut; Connections with Health and Soundness

The digestive tract of the horse is vast, encompassing about 100 ft in length from the stomach to the rectum.  Each section of the gastrointestinal tract has its own job, and each section is influenced by health and balance in the other.  In most cases, the digestive tract health in the horse only becomes a concern in cases of ulcers, colic, or diarrhea, but there could be problems lingering deeper outside of these areas.  Could the digestive tract in the horse actually impact overall health and even soundness?  Could your horse with ongoing joint, tendon, allergy, laminitis, or metabolic concerns actually have a gut problems and dysbiosis beyond your recognition clinically?  Are you properly managing your horse’s gut health or is this potentially an illusion, or false sense of security?  The answers lie in a deeper understanding of the problem.  Should you be concerned about your horse’s digestive health? (more…)

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Does My Horse Need a Supplement?

Does my horse need a supplement?  A very common question that is presented to me as a veterinarian and also one that I see on FB and other social media outlets.  It’s a good question, but as with anything when it comes to health or soundness, there is no one answer that fits every horse.  You have to define what a supplement is and its purpose.  Then, you have to look at your specific horse, their needs, your goals, and other factors that are in play.   (more…)

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