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The Hot Horse; Proper Herbal and Food Therapies

Excess heat in the horse can be a major problem for many horse owners.  In part one of this article, I discussed the concept of the ‘hot’ horse, which can present many different ways clinically from sore feet to attitude issues.  While it is imperative to get your horse back into balance physically and reduce that internal heat accumulation, the solutions are not always as straight forward as you’d like them to be. Through looking at your horse in his or her entirety, the causes or contributors do become more evident and thus can guide you to choosing correct solutions.  The solution is always there, but it can take time, patience and understanding to reach the goal of recovery for your horse. (more…)

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The Hot Horse; Anhidrosis to Attitude

The hot horse comes in all shapes and sizes. The summer season opens the door for these physical characteristics to present themselves through encouragement of their development.  The excess heat in the horse’s body can present clinically in many forms from a horse that can’t sweat (anhidrosis), to one with a high strung attitude, skin and eye conditions, and even lameness concerns. To resolve or at least provide better management, it is crucial to understand the problem at its root, as no two horses with heat problems are often addressed the same. (more…)

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Equine Sports Injury Management For Optimal Outcomes

A sports related injury is common in equine competitions and training.  They are expected to occur and are likely, due to the extreme stress placed upon horse joints and other supporting structures, often exceeding normal limitations.  The injuries can be a short term nuisance, but many prove to be long-term, career ending problem that drags on for years.  Management and therapy of the horse injury from both a preventative and therapeutic perspective can dictate the outcome and often improve our odds of success.  In order to understand the therapy options before you, we have to understand what is taking place within that horse. (more…)

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