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Eight Keys to Horse Health

Being an equine veterinarian, researcher of health and observer for over 18 years, I have come to some personal conclusions as to what seems to work when it comes to improving the health of our equine companions.  I feel that optimal health can be achieved, but that doesn’t always mean extravagant living conditions or huge expense.  In fact, some of the healthiest horses that I have seen as a veterinarian were those kept in large pastures with minimal man made housing, but plenty of food and attention by the owner.  

The Many Health Benefits of Spirulina

How many food sources do you know that provide the ability to rejuvenate the body, enhance energy levels, support tissue healing and repair, detoxify, support the immune response and potentially ward off dangerous cancer all in ONE?  Spirulina blue green algae has been termed one of the many wonder foods of the world and has been used traditionally in many medicinal cultures to aid in the recovery of the ill and support overall health.  It could be considered potentially the only food you could possibly ever need!