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The Equine Diet and Picky Eaters; Thoughts and Concerns

One of my major concerns, as a veterinarian and researcher, is the equine inflammatory process and how it can dictate health and soundness.  This process is complex, involving many contributors, but diet is a major player.  As we investigate further the impact of gastrointestinal health on equine health and soundness, certain things begin to fall into place and become more obvious. The first item is diet, what we are feeding and how we define this. The second item of concern is the picky eater, which more than likely we have all encountered at one time or another.  Many owners feel this ‘pickiness’ is often ‘cute’ or a trait for a particular horse….but is there more to it?  Is this picky eater status a symptom or sign of something larger in the equine industry? (more…)

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