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Leaky Gut Syndrome; Health & Soundness

The ‘gut’.  Homebase to the immune system, source of digestion, and nutrient assimilation for the horse. We all know how an upset or disagreeing stomach can drain us of our energy, vitality, and overall zeal for certain functions, but did you know that the gut may actually be involved with many clinical diseases in the horse and even impact the joint, soundness, and allergies?  It’s true and something we have lightly investigated in a clinical study with horses.  The connections have been known for a long time in human research data and there are indications in the equine industry as well, but all to often, we fail to recognize the problem or address it properly. (more…)

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Glutamine Supplementation; Health & Healing

Glutamine is known to be one of the most abundant amino acids in the body, readily synthesized and found in the highest concentrations in skeletal muscle, lung, liver, brain and stomach tissue. glutamine is involved in the production of Glutathione, one of the most potent natural antioxidants in the body, but is also heavily involved in gastrointestinal health, wound healing and immune support. Given the high demand by many cell types within the body, glutamine may be one of the most important nutrients needed to aid in recovery from a variety of conditions, helping to boost overall cellular health, strength and stamina.

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