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Joint Injections or Herbs in the Horse?

Your horse is lame.  He’s off somewhere and your vet, through flexion tests and radiographs, determines that one of his joints is irritated or potentially worse, showing signs of degeneration or arthritis.  The recommended course of action is a joint injection, but is that the right thing for your horse?  Are there other options?  What about herbs?  They helped a friend’s horse, but what about yours?  Are herbs a better option for joint pain in your horse, rather than a joint injection? (more…)

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What’s the Cost of Joint Injections in the Horse?

Joint injections in the horse, likely the most commonly performed procedure in the horse with osteoarthritis, navicular ailments, or other lameness condition.  The second most common procedure, likely, is endoscopy for gastric ulcers.  How much does a joint injection cost in the horse?  Not just financially, but what do they cost your horse regarding future health and soundness?  Is there a downside outside of where it hits you in the pocket book?  Is there another option or alternative to a joint injection for your horse? (more…)

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Equine Back Issues; Understanding & Better Management

A pain in the back; SI problems, pelvis pain, neck stiffness and generalized back pain are rampant in the equine industry. Back issues and complaints in the horse are quite common, leading to lost work, poor attitudes and overall moderate difficulty in management.  Current therapies are often unrewarding, especially long term, as the main cause or root is often overlooked.  Through a better understanding of both anatomy, physiology and contributors, management becomes easier and the horse more responsive without the long term need for medications or injections. (more…)

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