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The Horse’s Joint and Soundness; Taking Action to Prevent Problems

The horse’s joint is the second most common site of lameness in the horse, after the foot or hoof.  As owners, you often spend a great deal of time at the veterinarian either having a joint lameness diagnosed or managed with various injections or other therapies.  Considering the importance of all the joints in your horse’s body, and how much money is often spent trying to keep them from breaking down, it just makes sense to come at the problem from a preventative point of view.  If you can do this successfully, the approach may reduce the increased wear, tear, cartilage loss, and bone remodeling that comes over time due to the stresses of life, conformation, and competition.  Once that damage begins, with evident bone remodeling and cartilage loss, you often find yourself chasing your own tail.  Promote joint and bone health from the onset, and in the long-term, the benefits can be real and often, dramatic. (more…)

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