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Understanding Curcumin and Impact for Your Horse

Turmeric and curcumin are two popular terms when it comes to herbs and health in the horse, which are really almost one in the same.  We may know about the health benefits noted in research, focusing on inflammation reduction, and have heard on the news or in social media outlets, but do we truly understand what all of that means?  Should we use these herbs and if so, in what form or even combinations?  Is there a difference between the different types and how can using them benefit my horse? (more…)

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Equine Conformation and Impact on Soundness

Proper conformation in the horse is vital to athletic performance, but it doesn’t always have to be a limiting factor.  In my years of practicing veterinary medicine and performing pre-purchase examinations, I have yet to encounter a ‘perfect’ horse in terms of conformation by book definition.  Every horse is an individual with conformation often based on genetics passed on from dam or sire.  We have to accept things for the way they are, understand that there will be some limitations but also that certain flaws will predispose more to injuries.  We can try to minimize these occurrences, but an understanding as to why they happen is important.

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