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Calming the Anxious Horse and Reducing Anxiety; How and Why It Is Important

The horse is just as prone to anxiety as we are, believe it or not.  Anxiety in the horse impacts their performance and ability to pay attention, but it also can dramatically impair their health.  The anxiety problem in the horse industry is becoming a big problem. Many horse owners are just seeking a calming supplement for their horse and some even resort to sedatives or tranquilizers.  Although some of these remedies can help, most are not getting to the root of the problem. Until you get to the main issue at hand, the anxiety and impacted performance may always be an issue of concern.


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Disease Prevention & Management; The 20,000 Mile View

Everyone is looking for the ultimate cure or answer to whatever condition impacts their health or lifestyle, whether if that is for themselves, their pets or their horses.  Is there an answer out there? A solution to what ails you?  The answer is more complex than what you would like to hear, not necessarily a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but more or less in between.

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