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The Hot Horse; Anhidrosis to Attitude

The hot horse comes in all shapes and sizes. The summer season opens the door for these physical characteristics to present themselves through encouragement of their development.  The excess heat in the horse’s body can present clinically in many forms from a horse that can’t sweat (anhidrosis), to one with a high strung attitude, skin and eye conditions, and even lameness concerns. To resolve or at least provide better management, it is crucial to understand the problem at its root, as no two horses with heat problems are often addressed the same. (more…)

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Anhidrosis in the Horse; Thoughts and Considerations

Anhidrosis is a common problem, impacting upwards of 10% of horses, which are usually subjected to high heat and humidity for prolonged periods of time.  It is an important condition in the horse as its presence can impact stamina, recovery, and overall ability to exercise.  Sweat production is vital for the body, not only to aid in detoxification, but also in thermoregulation.  When your horse cannot sweat they can quickly overheat.  Solutions for anhidrosis are sporadic with some of these therapies helping a few horses while others do not benefit.  Hopefully, if you take a deeper look into this condition you can arrive at some potential options to improve management. (more…)

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