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Whole Foods for Horses; Truths and Misperceptions

Whole food and the horse are becoming a hot topic of discussion in many forums and other information resources.  For many, the topic of ‘whole food’ makes complete sense and they understand the concepts, while for others, it creates a state of confusion.  When there is a state of confusion, and lack of clear understanding, then that individual becomes subject to the words and advice of others, which can either help or create more harm.  Your horse is dependent upon you, as the owner to make the correct decisions, but in order to do this, you have to acquire a level of understanding even on a basic level.  The food choices that you choose for your horse can either improve their health, keep it at a stagnant level, or worse, push it in the negative direction.  There is more to food than just nutrient value and in seeing this, the right decisions often become clear. (more…)

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Sport Horse Lameness: Raising More Questions than Answers

Lameness and medical concerns in the sport horse have increased dramatically and likely are attributed to the increased use and performance level of these animals.  To keep up with medical demands, we have seen an increase in our diagnostic capabilities and technologies as veterinarians.  The concern that I have, as a clinician, is that the drive for these ever increasing technologies to aid in our diagnosis is rising, but it is not being counter driven by new therapies to manage the problems discovered.  We raise our capabilities, hopefully to detect problems earlier, but yet our intervention techniques have not changed, giving the same results in the end for the patient. I think at times, we are missing the obvious when it comes to assisting these patients.

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