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Should I Use Ulcer Medications in My Horse?

Ulcers, specifically gastric or stomach ulcers, are very common in the horse.  While ulcers generally impact the horse in training or competition, they do affect horses not in active work, often to the same degree if not worse.  Ulcer medications are also heavily used in all horses with suspected or diagnosed gastric ulcers, helping to resolve the immediate crisis in some, but in the long-term, many continue to suffer.  Should you use ulcer medications in your horse? (more…)

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Managing Gastric Ulcers

Are you or your horse an antacid junkie? Stomach or gastric ulcers are a common condition impacting horses, people and even pets sometimes.  We see commercials regarding antacids and ‘acid blockers’ all of the time and horse owners are exposed to these medication way too often, being an unfortunate part of many horse’s daily routines.  For some people, it is no different and many of the commercials seen make it seem like it is the ‘in’ thing to do to take or give these medications.  If it is as prevalent in today’s horse world and for people as we are made to believe, then we have a problem.  If we have a problem, then we need to understand the problem in order to remedy it or at least improve it.

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