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Bone and Joint Support in the Horse; Cur-OST EQ Bone Support

The bones make up the skeleton and foundation of every horse and are directly involved in every joint. When we have a failing joint in the horse, it is really a matter of failing bone. Bone health is paramount for overall support, movement, and joint function.  In every horse, especially as they age or are heavily under work, the bones will gradually change over time and joints will remodel. The long-term effect is typically seen as osteoarthritis or simply arthritis, which impacts upwards of 80% of all horses, creating discomfort, reduced range of motion, and impaired performance.  Arthritis in the horse, or joint associated lameness, is often the most common reason for an owner to seek out veterinary advice.  Despite all of our efforts and means of intervention, the long-term outlook for bone and joint health in the horse is often not what we would desire it to be.  Is Cur-OST® EQ Bone Support a new approach for long-term bone and joint health in the horse? (more…)

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