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Thrush, Solar Abscesses and Bruises; A Pain in the Foot

The equine foot is one of the most common sources of lameness, often contributing up to 80% in most cases.  Many times, the pain originates in the foot or hoof, then transfering up the limb to create secondary lameness concerns.  Three of the most common sources of frustration and lameness in the foot are abscess conditions, bruises and thrush, not excluding white line disease.  They are very common but continue to plague many horses on a daily basis, proving difficult to remedy at times.  As with most cases, with a better understanding of the conditions, we stand a better chance of success in regards to management. (more…)

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Equine Navicular Syndrome and Heel Pain; New Perspectives

Navicular syndrome (disease) and heel pain is a very common problem in the equine industry, likely impacting 30% or more of horses, dependent on the breed and discipline. We see this condition commonly in the western disciplines but also to varying degrees in other sports, including jumping, dressage and even racing. There are many factors that contribute to the problem, which can make it difficult at times to manage. All too often, though, we tend to wait until the condition has progressed, with irreversible damage, before we properly intervene.  With a better understanding, hopefully we can recognize the condition sooner, see contributing factors and produce better results for the patient in the long term. (more…)

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